Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet Kyle

Challenge #24 is to raise a basil plant and name it Kyle. Sounds easy, but keeping anything green alive is difficult for me. The Kyle seeds arrived a few days ago as part of a kit that also included the soil and container. I planted them yesterday and set future Kyle on a window sill that gets drenched in sunlight for the first half of the day. Not much to look at just yet, but hopefully in a few weeks we'll start seeing some greenery sprouting from the dirt.

I followed the directions on the kit in terms of planting, but it didn't tell me how often I should water it. Any green-thumbers out there know how often I should give Kyle a drink of water?

1 comment:

  1. do you have a south facing window? basil loves full sun, and afternoon is the warmest- especially during the winter months. also, with that much soil for seed growth, the water should stick around for a while. just keep it moist- seeds don't like to drown. to further confuse matters, they don't EVER want to be dry. moist vs. soaking wet. mist is a good way to go if you find that the bottom of the pot's soil is still wet and the top is drying out faster. can't go wrong with misting. oh and keep away from drafts and vents.