Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cupcake Extravaganza Part 4

My sweat has turned to buttercream. Here are my latest cupcake victims. Only seven more to go:

Day 17 (Jan 23, 2012): The Green Tea cupcake from Spot Dessert Bar

In my experience, when something is green tea flavored, it's gross. But this was delicious. Great texture, not too light nor too heavy, and the chocolate cake was lovely.

Day 18 (Jan 24, 2012): The Apple Crumble cupcake by Spot Dessert Bar

Aside from the bits of apple sprinkled on top, this was pretty much a vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Cake was a little too dense. Pretty much a "meh" across the board.

Day 19 (Jan 25, 2012): The Kissable cupcake by Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

Finally, a New York City cupcake that doesn't cost $3.50 or more! I loved this place and this cupcake. The frosting was mint flavored, hence the "kissable" title. It tasted homemade.

Day 20 (Jan 26, 2012): The Vegan Peanut Butter cupcake by s'Nice

This one wins for moistest cake. Side note: I realize the word "moist" is gross. Moving on. Though moist, the cake had a weird flavor. Something was off, but I couldn't tell you why. Peanut butter icing was great though.

Day 21 (Jan 27, 2012): The Caramel cupcake by Magnolia Bakery

I've had cupcakes from Magnolia that didn't live up to the hype. This, however, was a solid cupcake. Maybe because if you pour caramel over anything, it will be delicious. But the cake part had a great flavor to it, which surprised me. I really wanted an excuse to talk bad about Magnolia. Does this mean I'm a true New Yorker?

Day 22 (Jan 28, 2012): The Banana cupcake with Maple Pecan icing by Butter Lane

Butter Lane has been a favorite of mine ever since I moved to NYC. They keep it simple and just get it right. You pick the type of cake you want (vanilla, chocolate or banana) and then your frosting. This cupcake I put together was awesome. It's a front-runner for best frosting. The banana cake was perfect, made with fresh bananas and not banana flavoring. This one and the pistachio cake from Pinisi will have to battle it out for the best cake award.

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  1. I used the word moist in a blog post this evening and was equally grossed out. I was also describing a cupcake. Since we both did it describing the same thing in the same day, I think we get a pass. THIS time. Never again though. I still hate that word. but I love your posts!