Monday, February 13, 2012

Hitting the Gym

Challenge #25 is to take an art class and create an original painting. Come March 10th, I can cross this one off the list. I've just signed up for the Intro to Watercolors class at the Brooklyn Artists Gym. I chose watercolors because I love the delicate nature and soft lines and tones that this particular style lends itself to. BAG had good reviews on Yelp, my go-to feedback site, and their payment methods don't involve any arms or legs. I also chose this particular class because it seems to be one of the few that give you the freedom to paint what you want. Most of the others I found have everyone in the class painting the same thing, like a vase of flowers or some kind of landscape. Not really my thing.

Keep in mind that the only thing I've ever painted are my apartment walls. I have never in my life stood in front of a canvas and created art. While they say that "all levels of experience are welcome," I doubt they are prepared for the mind-blowing kindergarten-level skills I will be bringing to the workshop. I'm hoping that I'll be so bad that they think I'm good and I'll become some kind of accidental abstract watercolor genius, in which case you are all invited to my exhibition at MOMA in 2013.

I will share my final piece here on the blog. In the meantime, please enjoy these inspiring watercolor pieces that I find to be stunningly beautiful. Click on any of the images for their source.

Brigitte Bardot

Watercolor as website design

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