Saturday, February 4, 2012

The End of the Cupcake Extravaganza

Here they are, the last seven cupcakes to find a home inside my belly. I can officially cross "eat 29 cupcakes in 29 days" off my list. I do not recommend any of you do this.

Farewell, sugary prison! Stay tuned on Monday for the First and Last Annual Cupcake Challenge Awards. Sponsored by fat.

Day #23 (Jan 29, 2012): The Carrot Cake cupcake by Dessert Club Chikalicious

Beside the fact that the name of this place is stupid, this was a very good cupcake. Delectable cream cheese frosting. Nice touch with the crumbs on top.

Day #24 (Jan 30, 2012): The S'mores cupcake by Dessert Club Chikalicious

Total letdown. I want s'mores, not marshmallow plopped on top of dry, bland cake. Give me graham cracker. Give me chocolate. Give me that burnt marshmallow flavor. S'mores fail.

Day #25 (Jan 31, 2012): The Earl Grey cupcake with lemon buttercream by Tu Lu's Gluten-Free Bakery

Like the Casablanca cupcake from Sweet Revenge, this cupcake sounded amazing on paper. But unfortunately, the cake didn't live up to its Earl Grey promise. And the icing was like eating lemon-flavored butter. Seriously, take a stick of butter and put some lemon zest on it and you have Tu Lu's lemon buttercream.

Day #26 (Feb 1, 2012): The Chocolate Souffle cupcake by Kyotofu

Somewhat of a departure from what I've been eating during this challenge. Imagine the lightest, fluffiest brownie in the world. Now shape it like a cupcake. That is the glory that I tasted. I enjoyed every bite and didn't even miss the frosting.

Day #27 (Feb 2, 2012): The Key Lime cupcake by Two Little Red Hens

This one gave me the burst of key lime flavor and tartness I was looking for, and I was surprised by the spongy angel-food-cake texture of the cake. It was a little rich, and the thing had to have weighed two pounds from the dense filling, but they definitely got the flavors right.

Day #28 (Feb 3, 2012): The Pumpkin cupcake by Doughboy Bake Shop

A simple, well-done cupcake. The cream cheese icing was spot-on, and the cake was light and not too muffin-y. If you're itching for an amazing pumpkin cupcake, this is your place.

Day #29 (Feb 4, 2012): The S'more cupcake by Sprinkles

Now THIS is how you do a s'mores cupcake. Sprinkles does a far superior version of the S'mores disaster from Dessert Club Chikalicious. Buttery graham cracker crumbles on the bottom, perfect chocolate cake, burnt marshmallow icing. Bonfire worthy. Also worthy of being the last cupcake of this challenge. Are you curious as to what talented chef whipped up this delicious treat? Boy, I sure was: 


  1. That last cupcake looks heavenly, as does the one from Kyotofu. Is that the place that does the cereal-milk milkshake as well?
    The first s'more cupcake was really pretty, too. too bad it didn't live up to its prettiness!

    1. Momofuku is the one that does the cereal milk soft serve and milkshake. SO GOOD.

  2. ok. 1. yay for blake. i am a die-hard gg fan. it is my 2010's 90210 (screw the bev. hills remake. yuck. i can't even give it a try). 2. on the lemon zest butter stick- have you ever made buttercream? it is amazing. in one swoop, an additional tbsp of powdered sugar turns sweet'ish butter into buttercream frosting. its easy not to go far enough with the sugar and leave it too buttery- happens to the best of them. i think i am just sticking up for them because it was pretty.

  3. i am the frosting on the cake

  4. Whew! I'm glad that challenge is over. I got diabetes just looking at the pictures!