Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Republic, Lost

I'm setting aside the art and sewing and cooking and writing and photographing for a moment for a challenge that will make me use a different part of my brain.

Challenge no. 4 is to "research and identify 10 procedural reforms that would help move congress and the executive office back to being a government of the people and for the people. Print these 10 reforms on handout cards and distribute to anyone and everyone you know. Post them on your Facebook page and website."

I am a product of my generation in that I only watch the news when sitting in an airport terminal. My world revolves around art and design, not politics and policy. Which is why I love this challenge. Because it forces me to learn about something I haven't really thought about since Intro to Political Science at UGA. I don't even know if I took that class but let's just assume I did and that I made an A.

As Google and I set out on this political adventure, I decided to get creepy and email some poli-sci Ph.D. students at NYU for some direction.

Out of those emails came a recommendation, which I quickly purchased:

The table of contents alone stirred something in me, so I look forward to reading it. Apparently Lessig addresses some pertinent reforms in the text, and I'm hoping they inspire a few of the reforms that I will write about and distribute for this challenge.

I'm also hoping there are ninjas and wizards and perhaps a love story in there somewhere.

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