Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Challenge no. 7 is to write and direct my own short film and submit it to a festival. Being the most ambitious challenge by far, you'd think I would have started it earlier.

I did. I came up with many, many ideas for my short film, starting months and months ago. Even wrote a couple of scripts. But no premise felt right. Until this one:

What happens to an imaginary friend when the kid who created him dies?

It's dark but sweet. It's sad and weird. It's Where the Wild Things Are meets Wes Anderson.

The script is title-less but finished, and I am now in the process of finding interested production partners. I want to do this one right, and in doing so I'm most likely sacrificing the ability to complete this challenge by the time I turn thirty. Sure, I could go out and shoot it myself on my Canon, but if my name is going on it, it needs to be polished. And polished takes time, favors, and luck.

Also, no stealies. I'll know.


  1. I just adore this. I don't know if you could tell, but I was trying not to cry at lunch on Friday when you described the scene in the field...this is going to be so great.

  2. Got to your blog by way of Hatfield's recent similar blog. Hats off, by the way. About this short film submission - seriously, don't overthink it. If you can have it shot and edited by Spring you should seriously submit to the Cannes Film Fest Short Film Corner -- super easy, not expensive (95euros and April 8 deadline for last year's regs) and refundable if not accepted. But seriously, you would be SHOCKED at the amount of crap that is selected - not that yours would be crap, but you catch my drift. How cool would it be to be able to put the two little Cannes Palms on the poster of your Short?! DO IT!!! (And then tell me what it's called so I can go to the Short Film Corner and watch it in May 2013!!) I can even pass out/hang marketing materials (postcard-esque info sheets) in Cannes if you've got 'em to get some more views for your film. GOOD LUCK and FOR REAL you should do it. -Anna (Beaver) Duffy

    1. THANK YOU. What great advice. I will try and have it done by April 8 for sure. You have me all excited now! Also, congrats on the wedding!