Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Finished Product

Here is my homemade blackberry wine for challenge no. 9 (drinkable!) with the labels now on it, perched confidently on my bar cart like a good bottle of wine should. If you are ever a guest at my house, I will force a glass upon you, and I predict it will go something like this:

Guest swirls wine in glass and takes a sip. Guest makes mildly unpleasant face, but quickly covers it up with an enthusiastic smile.

Guest:  "Mmmmm...SO good. I can really taste the blueberries."
Me:  "Blackberries."
Guest:  "Blackberries."
Me:  "So glad you like it! You can just take that whole bottle home if you'd like."
Guest:  "I would LOVE to, but you worked so hard to make it, I think you should keep it. Plus I can't feel my tongue anymore."

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