Tuesday, December 20, 2011


***Re: challenge #20 - make and bring your lunch 2 of of 5 days per week***

This was supposed to be sushi but ended up being more like nori burritos. Delicious nonetheless.

First I chopped up some crimini mushrooms and cilantro and shredded some carrot and zucchini. In retrospect I should have julienned them so that the rolls had some structure. I'm not saying I have sufficient kitchen smarts. I wasn't even following a recipe.

Then I made a nut pate using raw pumpkin seeds, almonds and a few Brazil nuts. I combined the nuts with some lemon juice, grated ginger, chopped garlic and salt. A food processor should have been used, but I used my little nut grinder and it did just fine.

When putting the rolls together, I laid the nori sheet out, first put down the pate, then the vegetable mix, and topped it with some avocado. It was pretty simple to roll up, but then as I tried to cut it into individual sushi rolls, the filling didn't stand up. Oh well. Nut nori burritos it is!

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