Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Going to Help a Kid Read Good

I have officially landed on a program for challenge #21 (make a difference in a child's life without monetary contribution). After being rejected from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, blasting their Facebook page with expletives and punching a few random kids just for good measure, I knew I still wanted that one-on-one opportunity to work with a child and turn them into a tiny confident goal-oriented genius.

Then I found Reading Partners. This program has been around for ten years but only recently came to the New York City area. Their goal is simple: Help kids read better. Being a writer of words, I'd prefer if people could read them. This program felt like a perfect match.

This week I attend my shadow session, where I will learn the ins and outs of the program and how a typical lesson goes down. Then I will be paired up with an elementary school student on the Lower East Side, meeting with him or her once a week for at least one full semester. The best part is, they provide you with the lesson plan and all the materials, so all I have to bring is my upbeat personality (working on that one) and philanthropic spirit.

Here is how I'm hoping the semester will progress:


And by the end of the semester they better be at least halfway through Game of Thrones.

**Reading Partners accepts donations, if you feel so inclined.**

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  1. Hey Noel, so I do actually read your blog every time you post. It always makes me laugh :D this one was just as wonderful! I think this is great! I look forward to your blog posts girl so keep em coming!

    Kari Ann Mason-Taunton