Thursday, December 1, 2011

Insanity is the best policy. I think.

Thirty is a big milestone, and I would prefer to end my twenties with a bang. 

So I stole someone else's idea.

The original idea involved choosing thirty friends on your thirtieth birthday to each give you a challenge that must be completed by the age of thirty-one. I altered it to completing thirty challenges before the age of thirty.

There's just so much out there in the world to experience, and sometimes the everyday business gets in the way of the epic, life-changing, delightful, memorable business. I needed a nudge. Or maybe I'm just a crazy masochist.

Hopefully through this experience I will learn something new, overcome a fear, explore my altruistic side (if I have one), and/or do things that I'd otherwise keep putting off until the window of opportunity disappeared. Yes, some of the challenges are going to be tough. But I suppose I asked for it.

I'm still waiting on a few remaining challenges to trickle in. Upon the arrival of the 30th challenge, I will post a complete list of the thirty in all of their glory. Until then, here is the challenge card I issued to my friends and family. A special thanks to Jessica Giles for lending a much-needed design hand.

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