Monday, March 5, 2012

Pardon Me While I Gush

The second half of challenge no. 15 is to help my cousin Kaleigh get a graphic design gig in Atlanta. She's graduating from the University of Florida soon, and I realize that as a University of Georgia alum I am supposed to disown her for attending that "school," but family comes first. And super incredible talented family comes even firster.

I'd like to share some of her work here, starting with one of my personal favorites, the all-important Zombie Apocalypse Guide:

I know what you are all thinking: "In the event of a zombie attack, carrying around this poster is not very practical!" Don't worry, my friends. Kaleigh has anticipated your concern:

A zombie apocalypse guide on the go! Fashionable AND life-saving.

Some others, which I believe showcase her typography and photography abilities as well as her obvious design skills:

I'm pretty damn proud of her and happy to dedicate part of my challenge-infested year to helping her find a job. She comes from a long line of frustratingly talented people, so art, design and creating beautiful things is in her blood.

And if you're wondering why Kaleigh knows so much about zombies, it's because she is one. She's kind of self-conscious about it, so if you ever meet her in person, please don't stare at the flesh dripping off of her face. This is the most flattering picture I could find:

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