Thursday, March 15, 2012

From M to L

Today at Reading Partners (challenge no. 21) my student M was out, so I tutored a fifth grader. We will call her L. Apparently the difference between a second grader and a fifth grader is kind of like the difference between an intern and a CEO. Enormous.

I have no idea why L is even in Reading Partners because she seemed to excel in every exercise. I was this close to asking her to do my taxes.

In honor of the warm weather we've been having in NYC, I thought I'd share an original poem written today by L. Notice the correct spelling of "a lot." She should run for president.

And although tutoring L was a delight, I did find myself missing M and all of her shenanigans. It made me realize that we are indeed creating a bond and that maybe, just maybe, I am leaving some sort of a stamp on her life.

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